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Frederick won many awards in the last few months. I also won four best actor awards!

The Actors Awards interviews the winner of the best performance of the fest. Here is my interview:

Updated poster with most of the festival laurels


HOLLYWOOD FRINGE  | June 2 & 4 (Preview); June 8-25, 2017 | BUY TICKETS


ensemble theatre · last tape productions · Ages 12+ · 2hrs · United States of America

“The Physicists” is an absurd comedy about dark political matters. It takes place in an insane asylum where two patients strongly believe that they are the physicists Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein while a third patient believes that he is speaking to King Solomon. The play begins as a murder investigation unfolds after Einstein murders the nurse who used to care for him.

“The Physicists,” written in 1961 by Friedrich Durrenmat (The Visit) is thought provoking, disturbing, and hilarious all at the same time and now brought to American audiences during a political climate that cannot be more fitting.

Josh Mann - The Physicists | Hollywood Fringe


DANCES WITH FILMS | Use links for tickets and more info

WRITER: Josh Mann
DIRECTOR: Traci Hays
PRODS: Josh Mann, Boman Modine, Daniel Hartz, Ed Marek, Michael Staenberg, Joseph Adolphe, Chris Witt
CAST: James Morrison, Josh Mann, Lexi Johnson, Kerry Knuppe, Marcus Henderson

Frederick is the story of a high profile painter and art gallery owner, who suffers from intense “artist’s block.” However, his passion reignites when he has an idea for a new controversial project. To his surprise, he receives an unexpected visit from an intimidating yet oblivious policeman, Detective Marks, who interrogates him about the disappearance of several young fashion models. Frederick and Marks play a game of cat and mouse, culminating in a mysterious yet frightening exhibition. A story about an eccentric creative man with a slew of tricks up his sleeve, Frederick determines to make a difference in the world.

Josh Mann - World Premiere of Frederick

Josh’s next film: Frederick is currently in post production. The film stars Josh Mann (Dystopia), James Morrison (24), Lexi Johnson (Fear the Walking Dead), Marcus Henderson (Django, Whiplash), Christopher Soren Kelly (Ink), and Kerry Knuppe. 

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Josh recently wrote, directed, and starred in the film Dystopia.  For more information please visit Dystopia's twitter and facebook pages of check out the film on iTunes!

The Dolphin

The Dolphin has completed its festival run for the time being. The film played at The Santa Cruz Film Festival, The Hollywood Film Festival, LA Shorts, Central Florida Film Festival, Hollywood Shorts, Park City Film and Music Festival, and most recently Hollyshorts Film Festival at the MANN Chinese Theaters.

For his role in 'Not About Heroes'

"Mann achieves a potent elegiac tone and genuine stature.” - Backstage

"Josh Mann as Sassoon is pitch perfect striking just the right balance of British reserve and misplaced heroism." - Larchmont Chronicle 

"Josh is a talented and hardworking story teller which is evident in the work he portrays." - Splash Magazine Los Angeles 

"John Mann as Sassoon performs his role with a deep passion."